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MIC 2019

We are still at the planning stage of MIC2019. On this page we will give you detailed information about the MIC2019 program as soon as possible.


In addition to production technology, the focus of MIC 2019 will be on near-net-shape forging. Synergies between aerospace technology and automotive engineering will also be analysed.


Keynote Presentations of the MIC 2019: 

  • Dr. Rachid M'Saoubi, R&D Expert Machining Technology, Seco Tools AB
  • Lars Wagner, Chief of Technology, MTU
  • Timo Schillinger, PFW Aerospace


MIC 2018

Last year's conference provided deep insights in the latest developments and trends in regard of manufacturing technology in the aerospace industry. For this, international experts and managers presented their latest results and visions. The main topics wear machine tools and additive manufacturing. Furthermore, our conference offerred an ideal forum to exchange experiences with the present participants. The conference program included also an exhibition, an experimental shop floor tour and an evening gala.


Keynote Presentations of the MIC18:

  • Dr. Jochen Kress, President at MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
  • Dr. Thomas Ehm, CEO at Premium AEROTEC GmbH
  • Udo Burggraf, Business Development Manager Aerospace at GE Additive
  • Mirko Merlo, President at Walter AG